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Posted 2 years ago

That’s 2nd period y’all

My friend Jason told me that I should write all my english classmates a sentence about them. So that’s what I’m doing. I hope I get everyone!

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Posted 2 years ago

There are worst things than bombing my ASB interview

I need to make this list. Otherwise, I’ll be wallowing about this forever and I’ll never get any work done. On the grand scheme of my life, one ASB interview will not ruin my goals and dreams. I’m just sad because I totally forgot all my good ideas (like Club of the Week) and I sounded completely vapid.

But yeah. ANYWAY, it’s not so bad because compared to other things, today wasn’t so bad.

For example, I could’ve have

  1. died
  2. gotten shot
  3. gotten knocked up
  4. fail school
  5. stubbed my toe
  6. fallen on my face
  7. become friendless
  8. become homeless and have to live on the streets with only a shopping cart of stuff
  9. gotten a detention
  10. gotten expelled
  11. been mugged
  12. lost my phone
  13. somehow been transported back in time to the Jurassic Period and be eaten by dinosaurs

But luckily none of that happened. So I should feel better right? Right.

Or at least, that was the plan.

Posted 2 years ago

I’m not going to lie, when I saw pictures of myself in the Baron Games Assembly photo album… I kind of started flailing. But only a little!


I have such bad posture OH MY GOSH.

Posted 2 years ago

Baron Games

As most of my readers may know, today was the high-paced, heart-stopping BARON GAMES!

It replaced Gender Wars, which I was never really into, and I can definitely say that it’s a change for the better. Baron Games brings as much camaraderie as it can when it comes to competition and represents the student body a little more accurately. I mean, in the other assembly, all the participants were either

  • ASB
  • Popular

Here the tributes are picked at random and it levels out the playing field.

Maybe I’m a little bias because I was one of the tributes today, but even if I wasn’t my opinion wouldn’t change.

I was one of the tributes for the Food Relay and I had to eat chow mein against this guy senior who just inhaled the entire thing (FOR THE RECORD, I was only like six seconds behind him). I’m not going to lie, having half the school cheer you on is pretty damn cool. Flying down the bowl filled with adrenalin is also pretty damn cool because I know for sure I wouldn’t be nearly as fast if I wasn’t so pumped.

The great part is that everyone participated which I never thought I would see. I guess there’s something unifying in hitting a gigantic beach ball to the other team’s side and catching water balloons. Who knew?

I screamed until my voice cracked (twice) and I waved my hands up like the proudest gansta wannabe ever. Today was defitely one of the best days of my high school career and regardless of what anyone says, having school spirit is actually really fun.

And I might be breaking the angsty, moody teenage sterotype, but high school is actually not so bad.

Posted 2 years ago

Why do I have so much school spirit all of a sudden… Here’s a better picture of my mustache nails :3

Posted 2 years ago

Not to be a bitch, but this one girl who I totally think is such a (insert insult) made it onto ASB while some of the people who deserved it didn’t. Why must everything be a popularity contest? Is hard work and responsibility have no influence in high school? I know it’s dramatic, but it seems that way.

Posted 2 years ago


AP Euro: B

English: A

Spanish: A

Band: A

Bio: A

Accelerated Geometry: B

That is all I want. I will literally start dancing in the streets and singing from the rooftops if this happens.

Posted 2 years ago


Ever since middle school, I’ve always been worried about my future. I’ve been worried about if I’ll get the right grades, friends, classes, choices, etc. There are some things that make me more stressed than others. I’ve always been a pretty good judge of character and I haven’t spent a lot of time on my social life. It’s nice not worrying about my social calender because I’ve always had this mindset that I shouldn’t bend over backwards to keep people in my life. There’s a difference from being connected and being joined at the hip. Does that make sense? Plus, I’ve always felt a little guilty leaving my mom and grandma at home while I go out. I guess it comes with being the only child of a single mom. 

However, the one thing that I always worry about it school. Will I get all A’s this year? What’s going to happen if I don’t? How will I get into college? How am I going to study for the test? BLAH BLAH BLAH.

It drives me crazy to tell you the truth.

I’m fairly smart. I have an AP and an honors class which is pretty good for a sophomore. However, it comes with a crapload of stress and competition. Sometimes I want to take the most basic classes available and just swipe all my textbooks and homework out of my sight and just lie down and relax without any deadline looming over my head.

But life doesn’t work that way.

My parents expect a lot from me. They ask me constantly why I choose such simple careers when I could do so much more (i.e. brain surgeon, CEO, blah blah blah). While all of those careers are very important and I commend those who can keep up with the crazy schedules, I think I would cripple in a hole if that was my job.

I want a life where I can see my kids grow up firsthand instead of hearing about their days only at the dinner table. I want to go on epic vacations with my loved ones without having to check my email constantly to review a powerpoint or some crap like that. I want a lot of things and a masters degree in the medical field is not one of them.


  • the jobs I’m interested don’t pay a lot.
  • the things I want cost money.
  • I have responsibilities that I have to carry out.
  • I have people that I cannot let down.

I have two little sisters and when they were born, the twentieth thingI thought of was “The pressure on me is going to lessen because technically, he still has two other kids to meet his expectations.”

No such luck.

I mean, I get it. I’m sixteen years old and they’re barely one. I’ll be the first one to “make something of myself” in the family. I have to set the bar high.

It’s just that I feel the bar is a thousand pounds and my arms numb before I even touch it.

All I want is the reassurance that I’m on the right track and that school won’t always be this devastating. I don’t think my love of learning has decreased. It’s more like my fear of failure has eclipsed it.

So, I’ve been trying to think of the perfect sentence to conclude this post, but I’m coming up empty. 

In short; I just want the knot in my stomach to unravel and I can breathe without inhaling all this stress.

Posted 2 years ago

Time distortion at it’s best, ladies and gentlemen. 

(Source: theamericankid)

Posted 2 years ago

21 Things That Will Become Obsolete in Education by 2020


Some eyebrow-raising ideas (or at least delivery) in here. I’ve included a few below:

5. The Role of Standardized Tests in College Admissions
The AP Exam is on its last legs. The SAT isn’t far behind. Over the next ten years, we will see Digital Portfolios replace test scores as the #1 factor in college admissions.

6. Differentiated Instruction as the Sign of a Distinguished Teacher
The 21st century is customizable. In ten years, the teacher who hasn’t yet figured out how to use tech to personalize learning will be the teacher out of a job. Differentiation won’t make you ‘distinguished’; it’ll just be a natural part of your work.

7. Fear of Wikipedia
Wikipedia is the greatest democratizing force in the world right now. If you are afraid of letting your students peruse it, it’s time you get over yourself.


Posted 2 years ago



Other possible title: Finishing the I Love Charts Book

Posted 2 years ago


The Saxophone Section 2 :)


This has been the highlight of my day. It’s scary how accurate these are. I’m really tempted to print this out and frame it.

(Oh my gosh the picture of me is so weird. That’s when I actually enjoyed band… it’s trippy how different I was 7 months ago. And my teeth and my hair look atrocious. And what I wrong with my nose? D:)

Posted 2 years ago


The Saxophone section memes

OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. It almost makes want to stay in band. Almost. This is probably the best thing I have ever seen <3